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Every activity a person or company certainly related to the specific mission and vision. If someone went on to higher education, will give relevant material that eventually adjusted to the mission and vision of the learning materials provided. Provision of materials that tailored to a specific purpose in accordance with the vision expected to achieve. Material and vision are not only limited to certain activities, but it applies in any private or corporate events. Obvious example, planning the construction of buildings shall be in accordance with the mission and vision to get the best-quality buildings and in accordance with the wish to achieve. Many explanations and steps that can found through free eBooks download so knowing the exact steps that need to done to achieve the goal.

In designing something to adjusted with careful planning and tailored to the objectives to achieve. Many people make plans without building the mission and vision, so the result not achieved in accordance with the wishes. Any individual or company has a specific purpose in the plan to use a particular material, so that any material is proportional to the expected vision that used. So in essence, material and their vision in the planning have to get the best results. Planning stages of any activity to perform should be the basis for a vision of perfection by the material used to avoid mistakes in its accomplishment. To that end, plan everything that needed, starting from the material, the purpose or vision to match the expected.